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Title: Horizon
Author: clover71
Fandom: Uta no Prince-sama
Pairing: Ichinose Tokiya/Ittoki Otoya
Rating: PG-13 (eventual R?_
Word Count: ongoing
Description: Written for Trope Bingo Amnesty round for round 6 card square prompt 'fake relationship'
Summary: AU. Fate decides to twist his boring life around so Otoya ends up losing a job opportunity, his house, his freedom and perhaps his sanity all in one week when he's coaxed into a contract marriage with Tokiya, who isn't exactly his knight in shining armor - more like a ringwraith on a black horse.
Disclaimer: I do not own Uta no Prince-sama and its characters. Copyright remains with the game developer, Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., the game's publisher, Broccoli, and the anime creator A-1 Pictures.

Author's Note(s):
- This is based on/inspired by the Korean drama Full House. I can't really say I followed the series' plot because I may (or may have not) changed the story flow but the concept is definitely based on it.
- I wrote this as a writing exercise to combine freeform and stream of consciousness narrative mode, which I often use but only partially so I thought I'd try to narrate using SOC of a particular character's POV in full. Do take note that this fic switches POV though.
- Written for the prompt square 'fake relationship' in my Trope Bingo Round 6 card (using this amnesty round as an excuse to fill in bingo squares).

Also on AO3

chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5

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