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Title: Beyond The Rink
Author: [ profile] clover71
Fandom: Cookleta - BelAmi crossover
Pairings: David Cook/ David Archuleta; Brandon Manilow/ Dolph Lambert; Ariel Vanean/ Kris Evans; Julien Hussey/ Evan Cobb; Julien Hussey/ Jean Daniel Chagall
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17
Warning: (very) minor character death, non-con, swear words all over the place, if m/m sex should still be a warning
Summary: AU. Six men, bound by a common secret that could make or break their athletic careers, realized that there was life outside the ice skating rink worth fighting for. And together, they discovered the true meaning of friendship and unconditional love.
1) Please note that this is purely fiction and none of the contents are real except for all or some of the characters used in this story.
2) Most characters used are based on real people but the details within do not purposely imply occurrences in real life; thus, anything here that concurs with real events may be completely coincidental.
3) This fiction is created based solely on the imagination of the author and for non-profitable purpose.


Author's notes )

Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3  |  Chapter 4  |  Chapter 5

Chapter 6  |  Chapter 7  |  Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10

Chapter 11  |  Chapter 12  |  Chapter 13  |  Chapter 14  |  Chapter 15

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An entry for the [ profile] au_bigbang challenge.

Author/ Artist: [ profile] clover71
Fandom: BelAmi Online
Pairing(s): Brandon Manilow/ Dolph Lambert; Luke Hamill/ Josh Elliot
Rating: NC-17/ MA
Warning: MPREG, Slash
Word Count: 30,750ish
Summary: The quiet life that Dolph Lambert had engineered suddenly became rattled when his three-year-old daughter was kidnapped and the police made a list of possible suspects, which apparently included Dolph’s former fiancé, Brandon Manilow.

- Please note that this is purely fiction and none of the contents are real except for all or some of the characters used in this story.
- None of the contents intentionally imply occurences in real life, thus, anything here that concurs with real events are completely coincidental.
- This fiction is created based solely on the imagination of the author and was written specifically for the [ profile] au_bigbang challenge, furthermore noted that this was created for non-profitable purpose. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
- Fanfictions use characters borrowed from its corresponding fandom/ company and are legally owned by the original creators. I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OVER THESE CHARACTERS.

* A million thanks to my patient and diligent betas - [ profile] sunshinyday5762 and [ profile] lire_casander, who both were very considerate to agree working on my story at such a short period of time. Thank you ladies for an outstanding job done. And thank you to [ profile] 4jinx_removing for the initial beta you've done. Moreso, I would like to thank my friend, [ profile] radcliffe_bass for reading through some scenes whenever my brain refuses to function. Last but not least, thank you to [ profile] charliebb and [ profile] gcaedmon for cheering me on and letting me know that, despite the small probability that people would read this since it's for a fandom not widely known, I still have your support.

Author's Notes:
1) The concept of this story was inspired by a Harlequin, American Romance Novel that I have read ages ago called 'Second Chances' written by Tracy Hughes. While I remember bits and pieces of the story, this fic wasn't based entirely on the novel's plot since I don't possess a copy and could not recall the details. But the basic idea and flow of the story is similar to the published novel and please note, as stated in the disclaimer, that this is merely written for the challenge and not intended for profit.

2) BelAmi Online is an adult film company that specializes in gay porn films, where all actors/ male models use screen names to hide their real identities. None of them had publicly disclosed their family background, thus, names of BelAmi model's relatives indicated in the story were merely invented, unless the relative used is likewise a BelAmi model. Specifically, Dolph's father in the story, Devlin Lambert, is one of the original characters I created.

3) I am uncertain if the town 'Fairfield' (where Dolph resides) does exist. I was trying to create an original place similar to Nancy Drew having River Heights, so 'Fairfield' is the name that popped in my head.

4) Regardless of the fact that this fic had been beta'ed, I have done a few modifications post-beta stage. Also, the fact that there were two lovely betas who worked on this story, I had to use MSWord's 'compare document' function and since I admittedly do not have 20/20 vision anymore, there may be corrections that I have overlooked so any mistakes left are all entirely my fault.

5) Please make sure you check the end notes for some resources used to make this story believable somehow.

6) ETA: The title of this story was based on the song by Debbie Gibson, 'Shades of the Past'.

Chapter 1  |   Chapter 2  |    Chapter 3  |   Chapter 4  |   Chapter 5

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