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Title: Stand Up Soul
Author: clover71
Fandom: Uta no Prince-sama
Pairing: Ichinose Tokiya/Ittoki Otoya
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1000
Description: Written for [community profile] picfor1000 challenge
Warning: Implied/referenced character death
Summary: It's been four months now and Otoya is still struggling to move on.
Disclaimer: I do not own Uta no Prince-sama and its characters. Copyright remains with the game developer, Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., the game's publisher, Broccoli, and the anime creator A-1 Pictures.
Author's Note(s): Read the notes at AO3

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Title: Time and Tide
Pairing: David Cook/ David Archuleta
Word Count: 8,262ish
Description:Written for [ profile] bwinchester as part of the< [ profile] cookleta_xmas fic exchange
Summary: An AU story. Across time and space, spanning millennia, two men - star-crossed lovers - learned that life may fade, but that love always finds a way to survive. One accepted his fate while the other was determined to change what was written in the stars so that they could live together… forever.
Rating: PG-13
1) Please note that this is purely fiction and none of the contents are real except for some of the characters used in this story. 
2) Most characters used are based on real people but the details within do not purposely imply occurrences in real life; thus, anything here that concurs with real events may be completely coincidental.
3) This fic is created based solely on the imagination of the author and for non-profitable purpose.

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