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In light of most, if not all, of LJ servers being transferred to Russia and the rumor mill about the possibility that they might shut down the non-cyrillic part of LJ, I decided to once and for all create a back up account in dreamwidth.

In case LJ does decide to shut down and block non-cyrillic users, you guys know where to find me in DW. Same user account (cloversworld). Friend me and I'll be glad to friend you back.

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It's 2012 and time for a new layout and a newish banner!

I plan to change this every 2 years, at least. I'm not sure if the whiteish background for the entries will work. I'm used to having colored background because it's friendlier to my poor eyesight, but I have to consider the preferences of those who view this journal as well... so let me know which you prefer - colored or white? I might be making minor changes over the next few weeks because this is sort of in a trial-and-error phase. I created the layout from scratch and I am no CSS expert.

In other news... I created a DeviantArt account, you may check it out HERE. There isn't anything much in my gallery at the moment, but I will be posting arts (with ratings below R because I think there's a restriction, I'm not sure) there from now on.

Speaking of arts, I made a Cookleta art drawn directly on my new graphics tablet...

Title: Holding On
Fandom: American Idol
Pairing: David Cook/ David Archuleta
Medium: Art - Digital drawing

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